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but it's not done. there are still issues left to resolve. but we're hopeful that congress can get it done. but it's not done. and so, part of the reason that i wanted to speak all of you here today is to make sure that we emphasize to congress and that members of both parties understand that all across america this is a pressing concern. >> well, this is what's going on the last 24 hours. vice president joe biden taken the lead in the talks. negotiating with senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. they spoke and narrowed down the differences. among the points with headway, the tax hike threshold, the estate tax and extending unemployment benefits. the remaining sticking point is rumored to be the automatic spending cuts.
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collectively called the sequester you have been hearing about poised to kick in tomorrow. let's get to nbc white house correspondent kristen welker there for us. what was the point here? the president decided to come out and that bully pulpit can be a powerful weapon. >> reporter: certainly can be. good afternoon to you, t.j. the president using the bully pulpit. this is a part of the pressure on congress but also democrats who might be skeptical of this compromise that is coming to fruition so he came out today with middle class americans standing behind him and made the argument if we do, in fact, go over the cliff, if the steep tax hikes and spending cuts kick in to effect tomorrow, that the average american would see their taxes increase by about $2,000. this is an argument that he has been making for quite sometime now and appeared on "meet the press" this week with a similar argument and the event a part of that larger message and the
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president started to map out the contours of the deal coming together and i can tell you that this is what we can report, t.j. they have worked out the tax issues. so at this point in time, taxes will raise on folks making $400,000, individuals making $400,000 or more. couples making $450,000. the estate tax will go from 35% to 40% and unemployment insurance benefits extended. those are some of the issues hammered out over several days. however, the big sticking point, and kelly o'donnell is reporting this from the hill all morning, the main sticking point is sequester. democrats are calling to stave it off for a year new through new revenues but republicans want to see spending cuts to stave it off. that's the final sticking point in the final hours of these negotiations. you heard president obama
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concede this is not a perfect deal. he said he wanted a big deal that dealt with both tax reform and deficit reduction. you also heard him talk about the fact that the new revenues would be hundreds of billions of dollars. what he initially wanted was about $1.6 trillion so this is a compromise on his part, as well. republicans initially coming, raising their offer so they kind of came to the middle on that point. but, again, the one sticking point that remains, the sequester and what negotiators continue to hammer out. vice president biden playing a key role in the negotiations having served more than 30 years in the senate. he knows how these types of negotiations get done. really, better than anyone. he, mitch mcconnell with whom he has a strong relationship, trying to take it to the finish line. >> i guess that's something given how many sticking points we were up against before. thank you so much. >> reporter: thanks. >> any deal from the 11th hour talks will be rushed through
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both chambers of congress. mike viqueira at capitol hill for us. is that possible at this point? >> reporter: it's possible. whether it's likely is an entirely different matter, t.j. it's interesting how the president approached this. in a holiday cheer, getting the crowd in to it. laughing with the people. not a bellicose president at all. however, if you look at what house aides are saying and members of congress reacting just in the few minutes since the president finished talking, it's on the republican side, i should say, not receiving his comments well at all and view it as an attempt by the president to jam them to create a sense of momentum that a deal is all but done but it is not all but done according to to some of them. there's an issue of sequestration. the argument from republicans and some democrats, t.j., well, hey, this was supposed to be the trigger. this is supposed to be the apocalyptic scenario to force us to finally do something and
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kicking it down the road yet again. republicans say if we kick it down the road, then we have to find cuts in spending elsewhere and that's a major sticking point. now, there has been talk back and forth all throughout the capitol today chiefly on the senate floor and created a mash-up of it for you. >> we are running out of time. americans are still threatened with a tax hike in a few hours. i hope we can keep in mind and i know we will that our single most important goal is to protect middle class family's. >> by all means, let's complete a deal today to go home, raise taxes, let's stick it to those rich people. let's not touch spending. >> two people are gathered in a private room trying to negotiate something that has enormous consequences for this country and for our economy. we are where we are because of this process was grossly mismanaged up until this point. >> reporter: t.j., there you
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are. the grand march of democracy. basically waiting for their marching orders to find out if it's something to vote for. an important development, frank thorpe talked mike rogers of michigan coming out of a meeting in the speaker's suite of offices and doesn't see how the vote -- what's emerging, the details, possibly pass the house an he doesn't think in any event taken up today. t.j.? >> all right. mike viqueira on capitol hill. i want to bring in the the chief deputy whip and i think you were able to hear mr. viqueira there saying representative rogers doesn't believe it will come up for a vote. and wouldn't make it through the house. do you agree? >> not necessarily. essentially what's happened with the speaker is didn't pass plan "b" and now delegated to the senate an enthe house republicans able to either vote
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for a tax decrease or vote no and look to democrats and some republicans to pass this. they have deniability and avoid the catastrophe of an economic meltdown. >> were you encouraged by what you heard from the president? were you encouraged? what did you think of the comments a short time ago? >> i was encouraged. two good things and a question mark. the good thing is political system's got to function and if they're reaching agreement, that's an agreement it's functioning. number two, the economy has to have some certainty. if we reach an agreement, it's good for the economy. this is like the college of cardinals. the closed doors. deciding about this outcome and we are looking for white or black smoke and saw a glimmer of white smoke. we have to find out the details before -- >> i want to listen to senator harken on the floor talking about the possibility of a deal and rushing a deal through and i
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think some of his sentiments are some you agree with. let's listen and ask you about it on the other side. >> that's the real middle class of america. and as i see this thing developing, quite frankly, as i've said before, no deal is better than a bad deal and this looks like a bad deal the way it's shaping up so i just want to make sure it clear. i'm all in favor of compromise. i've been here a long time. >> that's senator harkin there talking about, you know, if it's a bad deal, you know what? might as well have no deal and this is what you talked about before and saying the best option is to let's go off the cliff and then go back to their districts and say you're a hero and cut taxes. are you still of that thinking that maybe everything is just being done a little too quickly, too much of a rush, hey, go off the cliff for a little while? >> you know, we really don't know. we have to know the specific
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terms. but i agree with senator harkin. i think senators republicans and democratic want a good deal but the terms of the deal are, this is when the specifics really matter. we don't have them yet and can't rush to judgment. but the idea would be a good deal before january 1st but the worst thing would be a bad deal and wake up tomorrow morning with a hangover and live with the consequences of something that's not going to work. but let's be -- let's hope that the republicans and the president are working this out. >> something else you have said, sir. you were quoted saying we're called back to washington to do nothing. so what are you doing since you've been called back? does it appear that work is done or of course talking about fiscal cliff and done to three, four, five, sometimes two men talking in a room. so are you busy, working or still thinking you shouldn't be there maybe right now? >> we are not doing anything.
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we have to be here because if there is an agreement then we have the responsibility to vote on it but as far as what we're doing, this is the real exciting part of my day right now talking to you. >> sir, that's remarkable and i know you're joking and grinning but to american people waiting and wondering about their paycheck for the next day, two, week, month and to hear a member of congress to say we're here and doing nothing, that's hard to register. >> i agree with them. this is an indictment of congress that we have come to this state and where the function that most members of congress have is to simply be on hand so that in the event the negotiators reach agreement we can ratify or reject it but the fact to december 31st, new year's day and all of us should be with our families and america have some confidence that congress does have its back and we have a capacity to resolve differences in a timely and adult way, it is an indictment.
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this is a dangerous situation for the future of the country. this institution has to do better at making decisions that are important to the well being of this country. >> i think people agree with that sentiment. peter welch of vermont, thank you for taking the time out and i guess you're welcome for the highlight of your way. >> thank you. now the "news nation" political panel. molly ball and david goodfriend. molly, it was kind of remarkable to hear a member of congress say we're here, important times, trying to get a big thing done and he said this is the highlight of the day, nothing to do. >> well, yeah. i mean a lot of senators and congressmen are not privy to the inner workings of the negotiations. it's only happening between a very small number of people and sort of always been the case as the negotiations have gone on. first it was primarily between obama and boehner and now mcconnell and biden. but we are seeing some progress
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and i think the congressman should take comfort surely he will be let in to solicit the vote. >> david, what did you think of the president's comments? were they effective? what was the messaging and trying to get across and to whom? >> i was struck, t.j., mostly by the body language. not so much the contents of the remarks. he was confident, relaxed. this is a president that knows how to keep the cool under the pressure. the sub text seems to be there's hope here. he was not angry or despondent and frustrated. in a sense it was a good signal. i take to heart what one of your correspondents said about the republican reaction on capitol hill already saying this doesn't make it any easier for us to vote for it. i think that tells you where the republicans are coming from. they seem to think if the president is expressing pain do
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they win. and i think that goes to what just am starting to perceive almost a jihadist attitude on the far right among republicans. i grew a goatee in their honor today. they are actually of the mind that if they do something harmful to themselves, which all of the polls show that would do, saying no to any compromise, that they not only blow themselves up, they blow up a lot of innocent people with them. i'm really struggling to come up with a right analogy or rational for that other than safe districts drawn by republican legislatures in their state and they don't fear any repercussion for going over the cliff. what they fear is a challenge from the right in their own party. >> keep working on the analogies for me, sflrt. >> i will. >> i'll get you back in here, molly. listening to something from robert gibbs this morning from
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"morning joe." let's listen to what he said about the process. >> republicans simply can't utter the word yes. they cannot utter the word yes without them uttering the word yes we can't get a deal. i feel like you're talking a 5-year-old and you have to eat your vegetables. >> is that what this feels like to you, molly, as well, in this process or just politics? it's been hard in the process to say both sides are kind of equally responsible for what's going on. i mean, the republicans are taking a lot of blame going off the cliff in nice-plus hours now. >> they have an incentive. i think the president's demeanor was a little bit odd in the press conference. he seems very loose, not particularly serious even. sort of joking around about having to stay home for new year's. >> wait, he sounded odd. you found the behavior od? >> i did.
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he wasn't more serious about the whole thing and i think why republicans antagonized by it and feel like they're working hard and making concessions and like him to feel he was feeling it, as well. it is not just that they want him to feel pain, it's that in any compromise, they have to feel like the other side is legitimately giving something else. >> can i jump in here? >> do it quickly. we'll play something from the president here tie president already moved from cutoff of $250,000 and above to $400,000. the president moved from stimulus spending and maybe none. the president has moved. show me where the republicans have moved. i am sorry. i am i think ezra klein and "the new york post" nailed it today. if we say it's both sides fault, make up their minds. that's wrong and inaccurate. point out where the failure to move has come from.
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coming from the far right wing of the republican party and be held accountable to it. >> let's listen to the president a short time ago before we hit the air. >> i have to say that ever since i took office, throughout the campaign, and over the last couple of months my preference would have been to solve all these problems in the context of a larger agreement. a bigger deal. a grand bargain. whatever you want to call it. that solves our deficit problems in a balanced and responsible way. that doesn't just deal with the taxes but the spending in a balanced way to put it behind us and just focusing on growing our economy. but with this congress, that was obviously a little too much to hope for at this time. it may be we can do it in stages. we're going to solve this problem instead in several steps. >> but you know, molly, it was a friendly room.
11:17 am
he had -- i don't want to say props but middle class folks behind him. is that an indication of how things are going and he's more privy to what's going on behind the scenes than we are and has confidence that things are getting done and maybe the tone reflected that. >> that certainly seemed to be the case. i think it is the case. we are hearing agreement is reached on the tax rates and still things to negotiate and all going to be issues, the tax rates were the biggest sticking point, they were what the house couldn't get through before and obama and boehner couldn't agree on. if that's now decided and they're talking about all the other stuff, that's a really good sign and substantial progress is being made and could be the reason for the president's optimism. >> this clock is ticking on the cliff and ticking on us, too. david, i have to leave it right there. david goodfriend and molly ball, good to see you both. and happy new year to you.
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>> thanks. next, the latest on secretary hillary clinton's condition after she's hospitalized for a blood clot weeks after suffering a concussion. also, regardless of what happens today in the negotiations, there's one thing for sure. this congress is going to go down as the least productive in modern times. those details just ahead. you can join our conversation on twitter. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. [ male announcer ] sounds good. i've always had to keep my eye on her... but, i didn't always watch out for myself. with so much noise about health care... i tuned it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks.
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we are certainly keeping a close eye on the fiscal cliff negotiations but the other big story we're following, secretary of state hillary clinton in a new york city hospital to be treated for a blood clot. the clot discovered in a routine
11:22 am
follow-up exam yesterday following the concussion after a fall. nbc news robert bazell joins us now live. how's she doing? >> reporter: well, t.j., the actual truth to that is that we don't know. all we have is a statement from her office that says she has a blood clot, followed from the concussion. we don't know where it is. we don't know what kind of shape she is in. there's no dmfrinformation. the secretary's office said nothing more. a lot of doctors i have talked to about this condition in general, the doctors aren't treating her, say it's a little bit suspicious because of the blood clot usually in the brain and you shouldn't treat it with anti-coag ulant drugs. it's a lack of information and lack of information on the
11:23 am
condition which is, of course, what everybody wants to know most and the fact that she's being held here over the new year's weekend probably indicates that there's a severity and they're watching her for at least a few days to see how she does. t.j.? >> a lot of doctors, i have heard them. if she was on bedrest, if she wasn't get as much and could have formed in the legs but go with the theory. anti-coused for that. what about the recovery time and how treatable? >> reporter: if it is that, we have to emphasize that's just a guess. it's only a guess. that's a fairly routine thing. she ease had a blood clot in the leg before. you watch because the danger is to go to the lungs or to the
11:24 am
brain and cause a stroke, those are extreme things but what you're watching out for. but again, we don't know that that's what's going on. if that is, that's probably the best case of all but remember that the secretary has been ill as you pointed out for several weeks now since she was dehydrated according to her office and fell down and had that concussion so we don't know the shape she is in. hoping for the best and until they tell us more, we can't convey that to you. >> robert bazell, live from new york this morning, thank you so much. a new report of the benghazi attacks and the security failures leading up to it and a blue dog democrat, getting his reaction to the president's new comments on where the fiscal cliff talks stand and are you worried about going off the fiscal cliff? it's the "news nation" gut check. [ male announcer ] how do you trade?
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senate homeland committee chairman lieberman issuing a report on the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya that killing ambassador chris stooe stevens and three others. the chairman said there was a rising crescendo of evidence that the situation was becoming dangerous and unstable. >> this system was, in fact, flashing red in libya and benghazi, particularly. the tragedy is, however, that the reaction to the flashing red indicators was woefully inadequate. >> well, up next, how will wall street react if we go off the fiscal cliff? we'll check in with cnbc.
11:29 am
plus, who's the most admired woman and man in the world today? we'll tell you who tops gallup's analyst. it is just one of the things we thought you should know. be sure to check out the "news nation" tumblr pictures. really, we went with that one? [ male announcer ] kids grow up in no time...
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11:33 am
it would extend unemployment insurance to 2 million americans out there still actively looking for a job. >> president obama speaking in the past half hour saying a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff is in sight and not done yet. in the wake of that, stocks are higher as investors remain laser focused on the fiscal cliff negotiations and right now the dow up about 70 points right now and that could break the string of five straight losing sessions on wall street. now joining me is sue herrera. how are you investors feeling? >> i think rather uncertain because as the president said, the deal is in the works but it is not done yet. wall street is aching for a deal. we saw that as the president was speaking at 1:30 p.m. eastern time. the dow jones industrial average up 75 and then mentioned the fact that we weren't getting the deal done right now at this very minute. we sold off on the trading session so wall street needs some certainly. it doesn't need a band aid
11:34 am
approach and unfortunately it looks like that's what we're going to get. that's probably better than going over the fiscal cliff but wall street's a very fickle place and they like more certainty than right now. >> cromwell much, he said in the past that what needs to happen to get the deal done in washington is that wall street, the markets need to give them a pistol whipping. that's what he used. he said if they pistol whipped us and a selloff, that would force them in congress to actually get something done when they see it starting to cost people money and markets go down. what's the threat here to possibly see some kind of a plunge depending on what happens in washington. >> it depends on the language put in to the deal and whether or not they take us over the cliff. if they do, i think you might see the dow jones industrial average sell off dramatically. keep in mind, the bigger battle are the debt limit talk that is are coming up in about four to six weeks from now.
11:35 am
it is a very contentious debate and may be more difficult for congress to wade through than the current debate. believe it or not. that's what wall street is worried about. how will they tackle the debt limit debate? so there's head winds for wall street. i agree with you. the market will send a signal to washington and usually when wall street sends a signal, it is a dramatic one. >> all right. sue, cnbc's "newer lunch" with an idea of what's happening there. good to see you. >> too. >> thanks so much. back to capitol hill with congressman jason almeyer of washington. what did you think of what sue said there? maybe the markets need to send you all a signal. what would you think about that? should we see a plunge in the markets before maybe that prompted you guys up there on
11:36 am
capitol hill to do a deal? >> we shouldn't have to see that. if you remember back in 2008, that is what happened? the second vote was successful. let's hope that doesn't happen this time. i think everybody realizes that if we are unsuccessful today, and avoiding the fiscal cliff, the markets are going to react. luckily from the market's perfective, tomorrow is a holiday and then the following day seeing a downturn. we know that's the case and getting very close. i get the sense around the capitol that we're getting close to a deal and i do think we can get this done. >> okay. what gives you that sense? you said you get a sense walking around. what is it? in conversations? are you hearing whispers? putting a glass up to the door and trying to listen to the noeshss? what are you doing? what is it exactly giving you a sense? >> all of the above f. the details are true, the $450,000 tloesh hold, 20% for capital gains and dividends, these are things i think will pass the house and senate.
11:37 am
if they're brought to the floor for the vote, i'm confident it will pass. i think both sides now have things to claim victory on, politically important. but what's more important for the country is that we avoid the fiscal cliff. >> let's -- were you able to hear the president's comments a short time ago? >> yes, i heard them. >> we'll play something from the president and ask you to respond to it on the other side. >> democrats and republicans in congress have to get this done. but they're not there yet. they are close but they're not there yet. one thing to count on with respect to this congress is that if there's even one second left before you have to do what you're supposed to do they will use that last second. >> we had some of our reporters commenting that some republicans took this and just didn't proes appreciate the president's tone and language and thought it was kind of combatant once again. what did you think of the
11:38 am
president's tone and said today and talking to all of you on capitol hill. >> the fiscal cliff is the response to congress's inaction. that's the fact. the reason we're here is because we were unable to complete the business at hand. we postponed everything until the end of the year. the reason the tax cuts expire and the revenue provisions a part of that but also the spending cut that is are across the board in a haphazard way, that's congress's fault and where we are. i think the president's accurate in the way he described it. whether he should have articulated it, i leave that up to him but certainly the president has negotiated a deal that i believe will get the support of the majority of the house and the senate and i think we are going to get this done. >> how do you see this plays out as the clock ticks? is there enough time to get it done if it comes over to the house and if there's a delay or any kind of a hold-up or an objection, that's going to take us passed midnight. >> up to speaker boehner. assuming the senate is able to
11:39 am
pass before they send it to the house then they'll walk it across the capital and if speaker boehner brings it up, we'll have the vote. i do know that based on what i have heard the deal is, it would pass the house. hopefully that happens before midnight. >> i want to listen here to senator mccain, as well, and chat about it on the other side. >> at a time of crisis on new year's eve, when at midnight at least certain actions take place, or had to be planned to take place, we have the president of the united states go over and have a cheerleading ridiculing of republicans exercise in speaking to the people of the united states of america. >> he's kind of -- maybe harsher lack wage than you did a short time ago and you said maybe the president could have chose a different time? i guess are you on board -- i shouldn't say on board but what
11:40 am
senator mccain says, we expect the republicans to criticize the president and pretty much everything he does but was the timing wrong and is mccain that off in what he's saying there? >> i'm not going to hash out everything that the president said in the way that he said but it is a fact that this congress has allowed this to progress to a point at the stroke of midnight tonight facing the fiscal cliff. he articulated that in the way he did. i don't think that's going to impact the negotiations. i understand that nerves are going to fray at this important time but look, we need to get this done. i think that the action that is a result of the congress's inaction we face here at midnight is exactly what it was designed to do. the fiscal cliff is a result of congress only able to act when the backs are against the wall. we are at that time now and i think we will get it done. >> all right. you have nine hours and 20 minutes, i believe. congressman, good to talk to you
11:41 am
once again. >> happy new yore. >> and to you. as 2012 comes to a close, the congress is set to go down in history as the least productive in the modern era. this particular congress has been, quote, uniquely dis23 dysfuncti dysfunctional. a family member comes forward to claim adam lanza's body. it is in or stories around the "news nation."
11:42 am
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11:44 am
when the 112th congress closing up shop on january 3rd, they go home with the dubious distinction of the least productive and least popular congress of the modern era. in two years, this congress has managed to pass just 219 bills. that's the lowest tally since the 1940s. here with me now is nbc deputy political editor domenico montenegra.
11:45 am
that sounds like a lot but that's not a lot compared to the past. >> in the modern era, the lowest we have seen. you know, all those things include all of those naming of post offices, you know, government buildings. so that is really a level of productivity we haven't seen in the modern era. and you know, the thing is this is just a key thing to divided government but usually people are able to compromise and get something done but there isn't that commitment this time around. you have people stuck in their ideological positions and don't see a lot passed and signed in to law. >> what about the approval rating for this congress? >> it is at an all-time low in the nbc/"wall street journal" poll. an all-time low. that is just, you know, all-time lows. and, you know, i think that is a big reason you don't see people having a lot of confidence a lot
11:46 am
will get as far as compromise goes as we're headed in to this fiscal cliff. >> you can probably ask people this next thing off the street, to give examples of the dysfunction of this congress because so many of these have been high profile. >> well, sure. there's so many different things of the debate, the standoff and both sides took some hits for. the super-committee failure setting this in motion the first place. the near shutdown of the government in 2011 and the defeat of the disabilities treaty that was because of republicans not liking the united nations, anything with u.n. on it. that went down even with bob dole on the floor, you know, at the senate, coming back, hoping republicans help pass it and would not. >> last thing and quickly, do you have some arguing that, you know what? it's okay passing fewer bills. some argue smaller government and government not intruding in the lives of americans as much.
11:47 am
>> no question about it. we have heard it of republicans and conservatives saying the government doesn't need to be doing more but less because it's doing too much, spending too much so the less it does, the better they would say. >> all right. domenico montanaro, thank you. the father of the connecticut shooter's father claimed his body. adam lanza's father claimed the remains last thursday and private arrangements were made over the weekend. you'll know lanza killed 20 first graders and 6 adults at sandy hook elementary school before committing suicide. also, at least nine people killed and more than two dozen injured after a bus plumed down a ramp. it's known to be a dangerous area. a new health complications of venezuelan president chavez.
11:48 am
he is in cuba for cancer surgery three weeks ago. officials say chavez's condition is, quote, delicate and he might not be able to return to venezuela in time for his inauguration in january. coming up, are you worried about what will happen if lawmakers can't strike a deal and the u.s. goes over the cliff? it is the "news nation" "gut check." [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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a lot going on today. here are some things we thought you should know. president obama, hillary clinton are the most admired man and woman in the world. according to an annual gallup poll. this is the 11th year in a row hillary clinton topped the most admired list and the fifth consecutive year for the president. if you ever or never want to
11:52 am
hear the term fiscal cliff again, you are not alone. the phrase topped the year's list of words to be banished from the english language. it's a list by lake superior state university. other unwanted words and phrases, kick the can down the road, double down and spoiler alert. speaker john boehner got a standing ovation from house republicans this weekend and first meeting of house gop leaders since the failure of plan "b" vote and he said he appreciates all notes of support he's received. starbucks is continuing a campaign to help congress reach a deal. they asked d.c. area barristas to write "come together" on coffee cups. those are the things we just thought you should know. well, time now for the "news nation" "gut check." there's no deal yet to prevent
11:53 am
the country from going over the so-called fiscal cliff. income tax rates rise on everybody, also going up, payroll taxes, capital gains, dividends, estate and gift taxes. 27 million more people paying the alternative tax. $110 billion in spending cuts going in to effect, unextended unemployment benefits expiring and payments to medicare go down. what does your gut tell you? are you worried about what will happen tonight? go to to vote. and take a look at what the "news nation" is saying about yesterday's "gut check." do democrats and republicans want to go off the cliff? 31% said, yes. 69% said, no. that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm t.j. holmes in for tamron hall. "the cycle" is up next but first look at the holiday wishes from
11:54 am
all the people here at msnbc. we're working hard behind the scenes to make sure you get the news every day. >> happy holidays from "the daily rundown." >> happy holidays. >> and have a very happy new year. >> happy holidays. >> happy holidays. ♪ >> happy new year from "andrea mitchell reports." >> from the "news nation" -- >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas from "the cycle." >> happy holidays from the alex
11:55 am
witt team. >> happy holidays from "up with chris hays." >> happy holidays from "nerdland." >> merry christmas. happy holidays. >> happy holidays from msnbc. ♪ >> happy holidays. merry christmas. happy holidays.
11:56 am
>> happy holidays from the p.a.s. >> from all of us at msnbc, merry christmas and happy holidays. >> merry christmas. happy holidays. >> merry christmas. happy holidays, everybody. ♪ >> hello, team. what a wonderful 2012.
11:57 am
i'm looking forward to a fantastic 2013. happy new year.
11:58 am
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